Congress To Block Trump’s Border Bill, And Other Trump News From Tuesday

Trump’s Border Wall To Be Blocked By Congress

  • The Latest: Republicans congressmen tell Politico that they are planning to split the bill to fund President Trump’s promised border wall from the larger federal budget bill to prevent a government shutdown. With last week’s health care disaster for Republicans, and Democrats’ promise to filibuster any bill that funds the wall, Republicans say separating the bill is the best option.

Healthcare Is Still In The Cards For Republicans

  • Republicans gave signals today that the mission to repeal Obamacare isn’t over. The House Republican whip, Steve Scalise, and other members of The Freedom Caucus told The New York Times that negotiations are still ongoing for the AHCA. The statements come after two tweets from President Trump last night that blamed The Freedom Caucus for the AHCA’s unofficial defeat last week in The House, but told Republicans that an Obamacare repeal was still in the cards.
  • Despite projections, though, Politico reports that Republicans are privately still feuding, with many calling for punishment of The Freedom Caucus. Ways And Means Chair told the publication that they were still moving on from the bill. The Freedom Caucus is contemplating forcing a vote on the Obamacare repeal portion of the AHCA, however, which is sure to cause more discord among Republicans.
  • Axios reports that President Trump also intends to accelerate his promised $1 Trillion infrastructure plan, putting it forth concurrently with his tax plan this year. According to sources, President Trump is seeking an easy win by targeting Democrats who desperately need infrastructure spending in their districts.

Trump To End Obama-Era Focus On Climate Change With Executive Order

  • Today, in an executive order, President Trump rescinded six of President Obama’s climate change orders — one of which instructs the government to prepare for the impacts of climate change — and instructed all agencies to identify “obstacles and impediments to American energy.”

White House Sought To Block Former Attorney General From Testifying On Trump-Russia Connections

  • In letters reviewed by The Washington Post, The White House asked that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates not be permitted to testify in front of Congress in hearings on Trump’s Russia connections — hearing that were canceled by House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes.